About us

The Seattle Mongolian Youth Center, founded in 2016 by a group of Seattle Mongolians originally wanting to preserve Mongolian Culture and Language, has become community-based, a nonprofit organization with tax-exempt under section 501©3 of the Internal Revenue Code operating in Washington State. Our organization consists of 7 working-board members, 9 professional instructors/teachers, and 20+volunteers.


Vision is to inspire youth to become confident and capable global citizens who aspire to achieve their full potential.


The mission is to support, inspire the development of knowledge, talents, and skills of Mongolians and their children living in the Puget Sound through educational, cultural activities.

The Seattle Mongolian Youth Center

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The Seattle Mongolian Youth Center is a great place for everyone to be a resource and safe community space that seeks to improve the quality of the life for people in our community through a variety of educational programs and partnerships that support healthcare, community, art, culture, and tradition. SMYC is a volunteer-driven organization with full working-board who all donates their time to operate.

We gained recognition in the Mongolian community and formed groups of volunteers. Thanks to our volunteers we have created a safe space and community where everyone is welcome and feels at home.