Art & culture project


City of Seattle  Office of Art & Culture

09/01/2019 - 09/01/2020

The Project's purpose is to preserve our unique Mongolian nomadic culture and traditions through dance, language, and cultural activities to support the young generation in achieving success in the future. They learn to appreciate and respect their Mongolian culture.
Kids participate and perform in many community events like new year parties, international children's day events, and national holiday celebrations for their family and friends. 

  • By learning language it introduces them to history, nomadic culture, tradition, and understanding the unique heritage. 
  • Meeting new friends and being engaged in the community.
  • Introduced to wear national costume and its accessories.
  • In our music class, kids learn Mongolian songs in choir.
  • KIds learn to perform short stories and sing traditional songs from the Mongolian language gives them a big boost in their self confidence.
  • Significant improvement of communication with better Mongolian has changed a lot in family life.
  • Teamwork motivates them to study hard. 
  • The dance lessons give them physical benefits as well as great posture and better muskelical developments.
  • All the above helps kids have better brain function.