Art class

“Art classes influence children in a positive way and aid in forming a competent character. At the very least, children learn to sit right. They learn to appreciate the importance of finishing what they started. When someone is painting they concentrate as If they are inside the painting. While they are concentrating on the color management and representation of the painting, children learn to sit still. This is a big advantage.”
Our program helps children learn to express themselves through painting with basic black-and-white and color paintings. Our lessons include introduction to world history of arts and art lessons reflecting Mongolian traditional living and its uniqueness. We developed our program on the basis of creativity and imagination.
Art lessons are strictly in Mongolian which improves our students’ Mongolian language skills. Our teachers will be releasing age appropriate online video lessons with a teacher-to-student modality.

Children are divided into age groups in order to better suit their learning ability:
         Age 3-6, 6-12, 12+

Class structure

  • Class Synopsis, significance 
  • Teacher, student’s lesson
  • Interesting information
  • Result
  • “Do It Yourself at home” piece