Road Map project

Rapid resource fund


The purpose of this project is to help Mongolian parents and guardians to build a better relationship with teachers and educators in the state of Washington while providing information on Mongolian and US education system, culture, and clarify the difference between the cultures.

Our initiative U.S. Educational System Resource form Mongolian Parents Project activities will aim to accomplish the following:

  • Cooperate and develop trust within the community, 
  • Collaborate with an extended network of trusted professionals in community agencies to provide services and education to families
  • Help parents understand that their children’s participation in the program’s offerings helps them succeed in school.
  • Strengthen Relationships Between Families, the school, and the community
  • Create an education resources both in print and online resource of addressing main areas that can help immigrant parents as follows:
  • Difference in Mongolian and U.S expectation of students and parents
  • Difference in Mongolian and U.S. curriculums
  • Difference in U.S. grades and report cards
  • Cultural conflict/differences, support at home
  • Parent, teacher, and students communication
  • Parents rights and responsibilities

We provide extensive information about the Washington State Department of Education and education centers in the school districts of Washington through our series of organized events.

Summer Camp Training, 8/1/19- 8/4/19

A 3-day event with the purpose of discussing the differences between the US and Mongolian education system and providing information through open conversations and training.
Students, parents, guardians, and teachers met and built a community in a Mongolian cultural environment.
Students learn teamwork skills through team-building exercises. We learn cooperation and team-building skills.
We learn about the importance of volunteer work and the skills involved in volunteering.
Friendly talent contest was held where the students improved their public speaking and self-expression skills.
We had a Mongolian national food presentation and cooking class.
Parents and guardians discussed their children’s extracurricular activities and exchanged information and experience about student events within the school district.

90-hour school preparation - a course for preschool children was taught in 2 languages.

Most children came with their grandparents or parents for a 3.5-hour course every Saturday. 
We had skill-building exercises on painting, music, dance, math, Mongolian and English languages, and communication skills. Also, we had activities where we taught them how to follow a teacher’s directions and how to make friends.

Parent council

At Tsarskhan Mongolian School, we established a parent council in order to help parents understand the importance of involvement in their child’s school life.
Parents and guardians volunteer for school events and organize activities that help the development of their children.
We are already experiencing results from our efforts of building relationships between the parents-students-school-teachers.
At Tsarskhan school we have a culturally diverse team of educators. This helps our children understand and respect our culturally diverse society. 
We have choir singing classes for all ages of children in order to improve their personal development. Our students sing in Mongolian and English language while learning about music. Singing Mongolian folk songs helps our students understand more about culture, learn from traditions, and be proud of their culture. Patience and teamwork skills are also exercised.
Learning Information technology is critical in the 21st century, that is why we have coding classes where students can understand how information technology works and pick up useful skills. Students study individually in this class.