Safeway voucher

The City of Shoreline has a new summer grocery voucher program to support food access for Shoreline families.  Eligible families will receive $320 in Safeway grocery vouchers to purchase food and other household items.  Vouchers are valid July 1 - September 15 and cannot be used to buy alcohol, tobacco, or lottery tickets.  A limited number of vouchers are available and will be prioritized for low-income families, regardless of immigration status. 


To receive Safeway grocery vouchers, families must live in Shoreline with one or more children under age 18 or have children enrolled in Shoreline Public Schoolsand receive: 

  1. Cash, food, healthcare, housing, or childcare assistance from the State of Washington, such as: 
  1.  Be a displaced worker due to COVID-19 and: 
  • Experiences structural or institutional barriers to accessing support from the government (e.g. language barrier, immigration status, experienced domestic violence, do not qualify for other benefits); and/or  
  • Requires assistance immediately and is not yet receiving other types of support (i.e. recently unemployed and not receiving benefits until claims are processed).  If you know families that meet the eligibility criteria, please contact them, confirm that they would like to receive the Safeway grocery vouchers, and ask for their permission to refer them to the City of Shoreline. Please note, families of all immigration statuses are eligible and these funds will not appear in records for the public charge rule. To refer a family, complete the online referral form or email the attached referral form no later than July 3rd. Due to the limited number of grocery vouchers available, the City of Shoreline cannot guarantee that all families referred will receive vouchers, so timely response is important. 

The online referral form and the attached paper form ask for the following information and that you have confirmed eligibility.  Please provide the following information with your referral: 

  • Contact Name 
  • Address 
  • Phone and Email address 
  • Household Size 
  • Number of children under 18 
  • School(s) attended  
  • Preferred language 
  • Confirmed Eligibility (check which apply).   

Please contact 206-801-2740 or [email protected] or for more information.