Stay Hоme Stay Safe

Project: “Stay Home-Stay Safe!”

Period: 2020.04.13-2020.09.13

Cooperating partners: King County Office of Equity and Social Justice, COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to inform the community especially the Mongolian community in a timely manner, about governing body’s decisions, acts and accurate information about COVID-19 in Mongolian language during the coronavirus pandemic. In order to continue helping our community and to create a positive environment to fight against the new coronavirus, we are actively incorporating volunteers and professionals through our communities.
The basic scope of our work as follows:

  • President and state governor’s orders, statements and related news
  • Public health and safety guidelines
  • Information regarding online education and employment opportunity during the quarantine, Public school important information
  • Unemployment: Latest news, contact information, online guidelines, information about required documents regarding unemployment benefits 
  • List of various online classes and activity guidelines during the stay home period and quarantine
  • Financial and economic resources
  • Personal health resources. Provide emotional support that embodies cultural and national advantages
  • Immigration-related resources
  • Emergency preparation for other disasters
  • Other information
  • Please see our NEWS below for updates

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